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Julie and Calvin Married on February 22nd, 2020

Julie and Calvin had a wedding day that is something close to a fairytale. Last year I had the lovely opportunity to capture these two on the most special and incredible day of their lives.

Let’s start at the beginning, Julie and Calvin are long-time friends of Darcy Chalmer who is the owner and planner of “Delightfully Elegant Events”. For many years they have laughed about how the two should get married. But it was never the right time or other things in their lives were in the way - that’s how these stories usually begin, am I right?

I had an idea to do a “winter wedding style” shoot and asked Darcy for some assistance. She initially wanted to say no due to moving to Petawawa and things being more complex. However, she couldn’t resist and quickly a concept came together with design boards filled with warm rich tones against snowy backdrops. A plan began to emerge and our colleagues were approached to participate in this project. All that was left were the finer details.

One night, Darcy had a brilliant idea to have Julie and Calvin model for our shoot, but instead of just modelling for a wedding the shoot would be their official wedding. A surprise wedding might just be the only and best way to get these two perfect people together! About a week later Darcy had the courage to call and share this idea with Calvin. While on the phone, Darcy let Calvin know the whole plan. The phone went silent for a moment until there was an excited laugh on the other end with an exuberant HELL YES! Two days later he sent a picture of two special hand-carved rings, that just shows how excited he was.

After this exciting news about the plan, all our amazing vendors eagerly jumped on board with no hesitation, in fact, with this beautiful surprise we were more excited about the shoot than before!

On the day of the “shoot”, Julie was pleasantly surprised when this “wedding style” shoot she’d helped design and found the perfect dress for became the day she married her true love. The lovely couple were surrounded by an intimate crowd of family and friends in the woods of Petawawa, Ontario.

What started out as a simple photo shoot, ended up being a heartwarming surprise. I am incredibly honoured to have captured this moment for Julie and Calvin; their wedding story is definitely a true fairytale.

Wedding Details:

Photographer - Jacqueline Marie Photography

Florals - Gemell's Flowers

MUA & Hair - Liana LaCroix Beauty

Videographer - Lotus City Media

Dress - Sinders

Officiant- Julie Keon

Assistant Extraordinaire and Logistical Coordinator - Kimberly Kostuch

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