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So you've chosen your package! What follows is either a phone call or an email to go over your big day. How it works is you will be sent a contract link to fill out and sign with the details of your big day. Next is a deposit. What we like to do is actually take the total package amount and split it into three. Why do we do this? A wedding can be costly so we decided to split it to help out our clients in a more budget friendly way. When are these payments? Well the first payment is your deposit at the time of booking, what this does is it guarantees your day booked with Jacqueline Marie Photography, and get your Engagement Session booked as well. The second payment is 6 months before the big day and the third is one month before your wedding. The final step is I like to make arrangements to meet with you before your wedding date to go over and make notes of your timeline and see where everything will be setup. And Finally, capturing all those special and exciting moments throughout the biggest day of your life!

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